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Printers & multi-function devices

  • Paperless billing
    • ask for Paperless Billing at home and your office!
  • Fax to email facility
    • check out online fax to email facilities. Example:
  • Paper storage
    • how much is paper storage costing your organisation? Multiply the number of filing cabinets by 0.5m to find out the space then multiplies it by the value of the office space to estimate the cost – you might be in for a shock! And less paper means more space for other activities.
  • PDF files
    • PDF look like paper files and can be used on different platforms. They can also be digitally signed and password protected.
  • Move to group printers and multi-function devices. Replace individual copiers, printers, scanners and fax machines with group printers and multifunctional devices (MFDs):
    • purchase of toners can be included in the contract cost
    • duplex, draft and monochrome can be set as standards for the organization
    • printing by individual users can be monitored, with targets set to reduce printing
    • employees only have to remember to turn off a few devices at night rather than many
    • employees may be less likely to print if the printer is not close by, reducing paper and ink use
    • leasing is often a ‘green’ option – the supplier has an incentive to design a machine whose components can be easily re-used and recycled.

There are some issues to consider:

  • fax functions on multi-function devices may require them to be left on constant standby mode
  • energy consumption when the imaging equipment is on, but not in use – select an energy efficient printer
  • printers should be switched off after use or set to go into standby mode quickly
  • with higher power consumption compared with local inkjets, your organisation should maximise the number of users per product.

Updated:  21 April 2011/ Responsible Officer:  Director, Facilities & Services Division/ Page Contact:  Systems and Information Technology