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Personal computing

  • Activate power savings on your computer:
    • click start button
    • select control panel
    • choose performance and maintenance
    • choose power pptions form the menu
    • click the power schemes tab
    • under the settings for home/Office Desk Power Scheme choose:
    • turn off monitor after 5 minutes
    • turn off hard disks: never
    • system standby: never
    • click ok when finished
  • To set to hibernate
    • you can also set your computer to hibernate when you are away from it for a long period of time. Read more about hibernation on the Microsoft website.
  • Say no to screensavers
    • Action: Switch off your monitors when not in use
    • Fact: Screensavers do not save energy.
  • Replace CRT with LCD
    • replace CRT with LCD. Many LCD and plasma monitors use about 45% less power than CRT monitors. Check specific models to get accurate figures.
  • Monitor colours
    • colours on your monitors: bright and white screens use about 20% more power than black and dark colours.
  • Set to sleep mode:
    • set you monitor to go into sleep mode after a certain period of inactivity turn off your monitors in case you forget to switch them off.

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